2015-2016,颢豆记忆的20岁歌单 – eeht–:– / –:–
Withdrawal – Max Frost03:00
GIVE U MY TAPE – VISUDY,阿克江Akin03:36
If I Could Find You (Eternity) – The Holydrug Couple03:00
Mercury – Villeneuve05:35
Sigh – The Bilinda Butchers05:12
Riptide – Vance Joy03:20
Stay Gold – 大橋トリオ05:51
Slippin – Taylor Thrash02:59
Breathe (Live For Burberry) – Rhodes04:13
I Put a Spell On You (Live For Burberry) – Rhodes02:43
Vienna (Live For Burberry) – Rhodes04:45
Close Your Eyes (Live For Burberry) – Rhodes05:23
we’ve never met but, can we have a coffee or something – In Love With A Ghost03:19
Negative ROI – Boeboe04:08
Circle On The Snows – The fin.03:34
なぜなぜ – ヒトリエ03:44
Why (Extended Version) – Carly Simon07:12
Something Real – Joanna,Koobra03:07
Bluebird of Happiness – Mojave 309:15